By: Clarice Ruby Cairncross

As a social and outgoing person, my life before lockdown was spent outdoors and on the move. These days I spend my weekdays working from home and my weekends being a couch potato watching Netflix. I loved dressing up for both work and play but being at home has me longing for comfort and convenience.

Iconix surprised me with their amazing cozy onesies. I love being in my comfy and cute reindeer onesie – it’s my favourite stay at home wear.

The best way to spend these chilly evenings is snuggling in these onesies and staying warm to enjoy your favourite They are designed with a little opening at the bum, which makes it easier to use the bathroom. With winter coming, who wants to have to take off an entire onesie every time you visit the bathroom?

My boyfriend is a big fan of my onesie too. I’m always able to score extra cuddles when I’m in reindeer mode.

Lastly, I never use my heater when I am wearing my onesie, so my home heating expenses are boiling down as I really feel extra warm inside my onesie. So many perks, aren’t there?!

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