5 Features you do not want to miss out on with our Smart Anti-Theft Backpack

“Back in stock, and back with a bang”.
This stylish Iconic backpack is not your traditional laptop backpack. It comes with several really cool features that one and all can enjoy, and at a price tag of R599, it is a no-brainer.
Iconix anti theft professional laptop bag with built in USB and auxiliary port
We have listed our top 5 cool features for you to have a look at.
1. USB Charger and Aux port integration.  The convenience this smart integration provides is really cool.  The wires are nestled away on the inside of the bag. No more looking like a mobile cell phone repair shop while walking around. You have the ability to charge your devices on the go by plugging into your power bank. The power bank is not included, but you could pick one up from Makro for around R100 or less.  iPod or similar music devices can be stored in your bag and be accessed by plugging in your earphones.
2. Product colour options. Black, blue and grey are the 3 colours you could have your bag in. Note, they all come with black trimming and reflective strips on the back.
3 colours for the antitheft backpacks
3. Concealed zips. The zips are concealed under your shoulder straps, this makes it difficult for thieves to enter the bag while you are wearing it.
4. Storage space. This bag has plenty of thought out storage spaces. With space for your laptop, tablets and storage devices or cables, it’s not likely you’ll run out of space. The new anti-theft backpack has more internal storage place than any previous edition.
Internal storage of the new ant theft backpack
5.Pricing and durability. At only R599 this bag is well priced and packed with smart nice to have features.
PS: We also tested the durability of this bag over the last few days and have to say that it is an improvement on the former.
So if you are looking for a dynamic laptop bag that is well designed and durable then look no further!
BackpackSmart backpack

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