The Awesome Benefits of Painting by Numbers and Why You Need It Now

At some point in every person’s life, they discover their inner artist. That long-buried Picasso or hidden Da Vinci that you used to be as a five-year-old proudly mounting your paintings on the refrigerator with fruit-shaped magnets. Enter Painting by Numbers… The one-stop painting experience for young and old. Not a believer yet? Check out some of the added benefits that this pastime can bring.

Paint Your Personality
Painting by Numbers lets you find your painting style by letting you experiment and experience different painting styles. The wide range of paintings allows you to practice according to your skill level. You can start out with something simple and graduate to the more challenging as you build your confidence and technique.

Paint the Stress Away

Painting is also an excellent stress reliever. Worries of the world weighing you down? It’s time to pick up those paint brushes and feel your stresses melt away with each brush stroke.

Pass the Time with Paint
It’s undeniable that we’ve all become bigger homebodies than we may have liked due to the ongoing pandemic. The same is true for our kids. Painting by Numbers offers you and them a fun way to pass the time with an end result that would make anyone beam!

Polish Up Your Skills
Painting by Numbers is not only a fun and relaxing activity but it also improves hand-eye coordination, sharpens fine motor skills and enhances cognitive memory function. That’s a win if you ask us!

This affordable, fun for the whole family activity is readily available here. With several designs ranging from well-known paintings to local favourites available for each member of the family. Get yours from starting from R199.00 today.

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