Worried for your kid’s safety? Say no more!
With the ever-increasing danger posed to our children, as a parent, one can never be too careful with the safety and wellbeing of your kids. While you are not able to be present with them 24 hours a day, a smart alternative is available by way of purchasing a Kids GPS Watch and having the peace of mind of knowing where your kids are at all times.  

Equipped with a call and SOS function, you can easily keep track of your kids in the most efficient way possible.

With this watch, you are able to keep your eyes on your kids, without needing to be near them at the same time. Some key functions of the watch include GPS, AGPS and LBS triple positioning, voice calling, anti-lost signal, fall off alarm, remote turn off, SOS family number function and effective low-battery warning.

Sound amazing? Why not shop today? The watches are available in a range of options and colours and some even include waterproof offers.

The watches are available here.

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