Iconix - and the women who make it

From the company that brought you onesies, hooded blankets and the very best in ladies’ bags and more… This is Iconix.

There is so much more to the funky, e-commerce store than you’ve seen online however. There is a successful company run by a woman who’s made it her mission to employ and empower other South African women and men from all walks of life. In honour of Women’s Month, we’re pulling back the curtain on our brand and the women who make it.

A small staff complement based in Killarney Gardens, Cape Town, the Iconix Team is exactly as you’d picture them, a mix of amazing women from different backgrounds, cities and walks of life.

Headed by Director Jenny and Manager Dean, Iconix employs its Customer Support staff Megan and Andiswa, Graphic Designer Melissa, Copywriter Lauren and Social Media and Influencer Strategist Shané.

What started as a vision, Iconix has become a household name for many. Director Jenny has worked incredibly hard and put her heart and soul into making this company not only a success, but also a family. Just like family, things may not always be rosy but without a doubt, when the chips are down, the team is there for one another.

Customer Support agent Megan says that having a supportive team at Iconix has been a blessing for her. She remarks that as a mom during these trying times, it is the understanding and warm-heartedness of people that make this job easier.

Soft-spoken, hard-working and determined, Megan says the opportunities given to her by Jenny and Dean have allowed her to not only grow within the company but also as an individual. When she’s not cooking up a storm, Megan enjoys reading, watching murder series, life in the outdoors and spending time with her family of course.

Family. That’s what it boils down to for Customer Support agent Andiswa. Born and raised in East London, Andiswa moved to the Cape where she completed her schooling. The mother of two says times weren’t always easy and that she had to sacrifice her dreams of furthering her studies in order to be able to provide for her family.

Andiswa joined Iconix at a pivotal time for both her and the company. Iconix was expanding and moving premises and while the work in the warehouse was physically demanding Andiswa was more than up to the task. She was soon a permanent addition to the team and found herself promoted to dealing with customer queries via email and phone calls as well as processing of orders. Armed with a positive attitude and a desire to always be better, Andiswa will no doubt continue to flourish.

The youngest of three children, Graphic Designer Melissa says working at Iconix has been refreshing and a load off her shoulders as opposed to her previous jobs. The self-proclaimed tomboy is a lover of gaming, dogs and Asian cuisine. Melissa says one of the things most important to her is treating her co-workers with respect and carrying herself well. She values good work ethic, and it is something she’s always taken with her through some of her previous jobs.

Coming from a largely academic background, Melissa went the creative route and completed a Graphic Design course in 2006. She credits her parents for being a driving force in her life and says they have always worked to provide for her and her siblings.

When she’s not gaming, collecting novelty toys or watching animé, Melissa enjoys a good read by Stephen King or Joe Hill and also has quite the collection of physical and digital comic books and Hello Kitty. Yep, Hello Kitty and she even has a dedicated wardrobe for her collection of the Japanese brand’s merch.

Much like Melissa, Strategist Shané loves cats too. A pet mom to four cats, Shané has come a long way. The Digital Marketing graduate and proud member of the LGBTQ+ Community, says she believes in the power of manifestation and that she manifested this job into being. After 8 months of applying for work, Shané stumbled across the Iconix listing and knew this was the job for her. It was five months into the new job where she serendipitously came across the very piece of paper, she wrote this manifestation down on.

The self-ordained queen of the office, known for her quirks, upbeat spirit and buffet-style lunches, Shané says she is happiest when in the mountains or at the beach. She believes in working hard every day and the next day, pushing even harder. Having been through her fair share of office toxicity, Shané says working at Iconix she has felt nothing but acceptance, love and respect.

Respect really does go a long way. Copywriter Lauren says respect in the workplace is so important and thankfully this is something present at Iconix. The journalism graduate has worked at well-established media companies including IOL News and Multichoice and knows that you are only as good as the team you work with.

From a young age, Lauren knew she loved the English language. Reading books before she could write, being a writer was something she always wanted to do. Thankfully, her parents trusted her enough to allow her to follow her dreams. For her, the key to her being successful in any job is loving what she does. Like the saying goes, “Love what you do, and you’ll never work a day in your life”.

As a journalist, Lauren enjoys her fair share of pressure and believes firmly in the adage, “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen”. Speaking of kitchens, there is a fluffier side to her. Lauren loves spending time in the kitchen, particularly baking. She also loves the colour pink, spending time with her husband and kids and discovering new music.

The Iconix team embodies and celebrates women and all their facets. Without a doubt, there will be many new exciting members to introduce you to in future.

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