Our Top 5 Baby Must-haves!

Author: Lauren Daniels | Published: Jan 20, 2020

Oh Baby! We know being a Mom can be overwhelming at 🥴...that’s why we’ve compiled a list of must-have baby buys to make your life easier.

Insular Diaper Bag

Leaving the house is just not what it used to be. Before your baby, all you needed to do was pack up and you were off but now… Now that you need to pack for your little one, you’re looking at baby bottles, a set of extra clothes, diapers, wet wipes and so much more! But we have great news, not only are our Insular Diaper Bags beautiful to wear, but they are also the answer to ALL of your packing problems. Inclusive of a wet wipe case, changing mat and stroller straps, we can fast see this becoming Mom’s best friend. Shop the bag here.

Iconix Extra Wide Braided Cot Bumper

We know keeping your baby safe and protected is your number 1 priority, even in their cots, and so our extra wide cot bumpers ensure your little one’s hands and feet are kept out of harm’s way. No need to worry about bumps, lumps and splinters getting in the way of their peaceful sleep. Shop the bumper here.

Multifunctional, Breathable Baby Carrier

We know there are times when you may be juggling supper, cleaning and taking care of your little one all at once, but not to fear, these carriers are here to take some of the weight off your shoulders (literally!). Its breathable material and adjustable straps ensure your baby is happy the entire time. The carriers are suitable for use from 0 to 36 months. Shop the carrier here.

Adjustable Nursing Pillow

Feeding time with your baby can become quite exhausting. First, your back begins to hurt, then your arms hurt, and the list goes on… But imagine not having to experience any of that discomfort anymore? Well now you don’t need to imagine. Our adjustable nursing pillows ensure you can be seated in a comfortable position while having your baby comfy too. Adjustable by age/weight, the pillow will be your perfect feeding companion. Shop the pillow here.

Baby Milestone Monthly Blanket

Where did the time go? Kids grow up so fast but the memories we create with them last forever. Cherish those moments of growth in the first 12 months with our sweet baby milestone blankets. Measure the moments from 1 to 12 months, making each one more special than the last. Shop the blanket here.