Let’s Paint!


Keep the kids (and yourself) entertained and busy during this lockdown period with our versatile Painting by Numbers range. Choose from our wide range and watch boredom turn into a buzz!

Step 1 – Get ready to paint!

Change into clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty. Although the pods are small, you may find yourself getting a little messy with the paint. Not to worry though… as painting is never fun unless you get a little bit messy.


Step 2 – Find a spacious room to paint

Choose a bedroom, playroom or even patio and lay down sufficient newspaper for your space. Once you do that, you can get started.


Step 3 – Get out your Painting By Numbers kit

With an easy to use kit, Painting By Numbers will soon become your new best friend! Follow the numbering system on the paint and canvas and use each brush where applicable and you could soon find yourself with a masterpiece!

Will you be the next Da Vinci or Van Gogh? Time to find out!

Painting By Numbers is available here: https://www.iconix.co.za/collections/painting-by-numbers





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